Virtual Mailbox Features United States
U.S. Mailing Address

Get a real street address with your personal or company mailbox number. Not a PO Box - receive mail and packages from any carrier. Fully functional for banking, credit cards, and all personal or business use. digital-mailbox
Digital Mailbox

Manage your mail and packages from anywhere, 24/7, with an app for Android or iPhone, or go online. See a picture of all the items in your inbox. With just a click, tell us what you want to do with each item - forward, open and scan, shred, recycle or pick it up. World
Mail and Package Forwarding

Forward mail and packages to as many different addresses as you like, anywhere in the world, when you want, how you want. See real-time shipping cost comparisons for different carriers and service levels - select what works best for you. document-scanning
Document scanning

When you receive mail that requires your immediate attention, request a Scan and view a PDF of the mail content in your Digital Mailbox in hours. Check Deposit
Check Deposit

Let us deposit a check directly into your account, as long as your bank accepts mail-in deposits. Stop worrying about the security of checks at an unattended mailbox when you are away from home or the office, or abroad. Package
Package Consolidation

Combine multiple packages into one box to save big on shipping. Combine letters into one package to save on forwarding. Boxes
Unpack Boxes and Forward

If you ship a box containing like items to your mailing address, we can unpack the items and forward them separately to different locations per your instructions. You do it all in your Digital Mailbox, just like any other mail task.


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